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MiniMarvel Short Cord $50
MiniMarvel Long Cord $53
MiniMarvel with New Vivitar 283 $125
MiniMarvel with New Vivitar 285 $150

Whether a pro or user, seriously consider the miniMarvel!  You just mount it, plug it in and flash away.  When you're near the end of the battery pack just carry along your 2nd set.  We've had many satisfied customers for over 10 years now since we began manufacturing and reselling the miniMarvel battery pack. 
Read on for their comments....

From T.V. in NE:
"I love it!  Great Value!!"

From R.H. in CA:
"The MiniMarvel has made a terrific impression.  I'll use it tomorrow on a candid shoot!"

From M.C. in NE:
"I think your product is great and I'm glad you're willing to stand behind it."

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The miniMarvel is our unique, extremely powerful lithium battery pack made especially for the Vivitar 283 & 285 flash units.  In case you haven't already read about its features and benefits, please read on....

This pack contains 2 D-Cell sized lithium batteries which give you up to 900 FULL POWER FLASHES with a recycle time of only 5 SECONDS on full power and on yellow it only takes ONE SECOND to recycle!! These packs can sit nicely on top of your 283 or, you may get a long cord model which allows you the advantage of placing the miniMarvel in your pocket or camera bag.  This little item only weighs 8 ozs.  Another added benefit is that it is disposable - no fussing with recharging!  To get started, you receive the battery in the vinyl case (with the cord, adaptor, etc.) and an extra set of batteries (which means you are getting 1000-1200 FULL POWER FLASHES for only $50.00.  Long Cord version also available as well as replacement batteries.