Film and Paper

Our film is outdated but guaranteed to be reasonably good unless otherwise stated.
Much, much more than listed - write us for complete list (hard copy available only).

Large Format:
Buy any two of the following 8x10 or 4x5 boxes of film
and get a third of same or equal value free!
4x5 6117 Ektachrome 64D, 1985-1987
4x5 Vericolor III 4106 S 1986-1989
Much, much more 8x10 & 4x5

120/220 Film:
120 EPR, 4/96, $2.75/roll

Outdated Velvia 120 and other color 120 print and slide film $1/roll (1996 date)

70mm Film:
70mm 5071 Slide Duplicating 3/94 $45.00
     and 11/92 $35.00
70mm EPD 200, 5/96 $150.00 and 7/94 $95.00
70mm VPS III 2001 $85.00/roll

Attention: We are looking for 70mm EPR 100' and 15' film! Stores, Photographers, etc. -
Call us or e-mail on any film you may have and we'll make you an offer!!

35mm Print Film:

Scotch 400 speed 36 Exp Print dated 12/97 and 1/98 $1.00 a roll
      20 rolls for $25
      50 rolls for $50



16mm x 200' Recordak 7460 Microfile Film $5 ea
9 1/2" x 75' RAR Type 2498 Aerial Estar H Base High Speed $25/ea
24"x32" Kodak Fine Grain SO-243 Aerial Duplicating Film 25 sht box $75/ea

Call for new arrivals in 35mm and 400 Ft Long Roll!

3"x50', Linagraph Direct Print 2022, extra thin, 11/92 $5/ea

Always buying film (outdated, shortdated, etc...especially Kodak & Fuji 35mm, 120, 4x5, 8x10 Daylight Slide and Negative 4106, NPS, 6117, 6105, RFP, RDP, Provia, RVP) -
don't forget to call us for a fair, friendly offer!

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